Upcoming Outage: Summer Wine Social at Maiolatesi Wine Cellars
A beautiful summer night, a delicious glass of wine, live music... register today!
May Outage: First Friday Art Auction
POWER! Scranton Supported First Friday of Scranton at their annual art auction on May 29.
Looking Back: April Outage
We got our Van Gogh on at My Spirited Art in Dickson City.
Looking Back: August Outage
Networking at State Street Grill with Presenter Bob Courtright
Looking Back: February Outage
Who loves chocolate and wine? POWER! Scranton loves chocolate and wine! See photos from our February Outage.
Looking Back: July Outage
Celebrating Summer on the Rooftop at Kildares
Looking Back: June Outage
Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey D. O'Brien Addresses POWER! Members at PNC Field
Looking Back: March Outage
POWER! Scranton partnered with the Scranton Chamber and Site2 for this year's Mardi Gras Business Card Exchange. Event photos are up!
Looking Back: March Outage
What happens at Adult Night stays at Adult Night...or not. Check out the event photos. Giant Jenga anyone?
Lecture Series: Networking 101
John Baldino Presents: "Networking 101 Marketing Yourself In Person and Online"

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POWER! Scranton is an informal group of leading and emerging professionals whose mission is to promote the region as a vital place to live, work and play. POWER! Scranton welcomes members to join us in activities and events focused on making connections, professional development and serving our community.

POWER! Outage: May 29 First Friday Art Auction

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POWER! Outage: April 17 at My Spirited Art

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POWER! Outage: February 27 Chocolate & Wine Tasting

Join POWER! Scranton on February 27, 2014, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. for our Chocolate & Wine Tasting February Outage at the Traxx Platform Lounge i

POWER! Outage: March 4 Mardi Gras Business Card Exchange with the Scranton Chamber

Celebrate Fat Tuesday with your business cards and connect with the area’s emerging and leading professionals. POWER! Scranton is proud to partn